well, butter my biscuit

Everyone has a favorite biscuit recipe. What’s not to love about these salty and sweet, crumbly yet lighter-than-air treats?

One of my favorite chefs is Joy Wilson of Joy the Baker. She has a beloved biscuit recipe, of course! Do you already read her blog? If not, you should–your stomach will thank you! Your waistline, however….. Well, maybe my brides-to-be should bookmark Joy’s site for after the wedding!

Yes, Joy has a favorite biscuit recipe and you’ll find it here. She uses a combination of shortening and butter to ensure that the biscuits have that crumbly yet lighter-than-air texture I referenced earlier. And the buttermilk she adds give the biscuits just the right hint of tangy saltiness.

Yes, you, your stomach and your waistline are going to enjoy these…along with just about everything else Joy whips up! Consider serving biscuits at your wedding reception. They are a Southern staple–one that is often overlooked but loved by all. You could certainly set roast beef or barbeque on top and call a biscuit an hors d’oeuvre. Or maybe you’d prefer a display or “biscuit bar,” where guests can choose their own toppings. Oh the buttery possibilities!

pictured above: Joy the Baker’s buttermilk biscuit photos (which illustrate her recipe from finish to start)!


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